Our Team

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Dr. Jonathan Levy, MD, FRCPC, DABD

Dr. Jonathan Levy is a double board-certified dermatologist in both Canada and the United States, specializing in cosmetic and medical dermatology. After completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Medical Sciences, he attended medical school at the University of Toronto. Dr. Levy then completed his residency in dermatology at the University of Alberta and obtained a fellowship with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. He is a diplomat of the American Board of Dermatology, and has trained with leading dermatologists in Sydney, San Diego, and New York.

Dr. Levy has published research articles in several peer-reviewed journals and has presented his research at local, national, and international conferences. He has won several awards and bursaries, including the Dr. Andrew Lin Award for commitment and dedication to dermatology, as well as the Kalz bursary, CDA Early Dermatology Researcher Scholarship, and Best Poster Presentation by a Resident/Fellow awarded by the Canadian Society for Investigative Dermatology.

Dr. Levy is a member of the Canadian Dermatology Association, American Academy of Dermatology, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, Dermatology Association of Ontario, Toronto Dermatology Society, and Ontario Medical Association.

Dr. Aaron King, MD, FRCPC, DABD

Dr. Aaron King, MD, FRCPC, DABD, is a double-board certified medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatologist. He graduated from Acadia University and then completed medical school at the University of Ottawa, followed by Dermatology residency training at the University of Toronto. Dr. King is board certified in Dermatology by both the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (RCPC) in Canada and the American Board of Dermatology. .

Dr. John Goldhar, MD, FRCPC, DABD

Dr. John Goldhar is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and a board-certified dermatologist. He brings over 40 years of experience in the cosmetic dermatology field, specializing in medical and cosmetic uses of neuromodulators for migraine therapy, hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration), and facial spasms; non-surgical correction of facial asymmetries and facial enhancements using dermal fillers; and removal and sculpting of unwanted facial/body growth (skin related).

Dr. Goldhar was Head of Dermatology, Department of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto for 10 years. A recognized expert in the field, he has incorporated numerous innovations into his practice, and was the first doctor in Ontario to hire aestheticians to enhance his skin rejuvenation programs.

Dr. Paul Cohen, MD, FRCPC, DABD

Dr. Paul Cohen, MD, FRCPC, DABD is a board certified dermatologist and Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Dr. Cohen is a diplomat of the American Board of Dermatology and is a member of numerous associations, including the Canadian Dermatological Association and the Toronto Dermatological Society.

Dr. Cohen graduated from the University of Toronto medical school in 1995. He subsequently completed his dermatology residency in 2001. He was then awarded the Ben Fisher Galderma fellowship in clinical dermatology where he completed additional training in cosmetic, surgical and pediatric dermatology.

Dr. Cohen is often interviewed by the media on various topics. He appeared regularly on CTV’s Canada AM as their consulting dermatologist providing the latest news on both medical and cosmetic dermatology. Dr. Cohen has appeared on over 100 television programs including CTV’s Balance television for living well, Entertainment Tonight Canada, Global News and CBC news.

Dr. Cohen provides dermatology services at Spa Medica in Toronto where he performs various cosmetic dermatology laser treatments. He is also the most senior dermatology consultant at Medcan, and participated in the Medcan Naweza Project in Africa where he was able to practice dermatology in rural Kenya. Dr. Cohen actively participates in raising awareness of melanoma and is a proud supporter of The Melanoma Network of Canada and the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund.

Medical Aestheticians

Tanya Kirkey, Medical Aesthetician

Tanya brings over 25 years of experience in the cosmetic industry. She has worked alongside some of Toronto’s most esteemed plastic surgeons and dermatologists, giving her vast amount of industry knowledge and training to deliver an unparalleled experience to her clients.

Over the years Tanya has stayed abreast of current trends, working extensively with a number of laser platforms including IPL, Ultherapy, CO2 laser resurfacing treatment, clear+ brilliant, and Venus Viva. She gets a great sense of joy from taking care of her clients and looks forward to helping your skin look and feel its best.

Lesley Bray, Para-Medical Laser Technician / Medical Aesthetician

Lesley has been working in the Medical Aesthetic industry for 25+ years, as a licensed and certified Laser Technician and Laser safety officer. Within this time, Lesley has worked alongside some of North Americas leading physicians and surgeons. She has a passion for skin biology and laser technologies, always staying on top of the latest advancements in the field. Lesley works with a multitude of laser platforms, and works with her patients to find the best treatment options, often by using multiple modalities, always taking into consideration the patients’ needs and desires for the best possible treatment results. Lesley feels it is a privilege her clients entrust her with their skin care needs and concerns, and gets great pleasure from the work she does.

Cosmetic Skin Consultants

Kelly Miller, Cosmetic Skin & Hair Consultant

Kelly has been passionate about skin care for as long as she can remember. Her quest to find the perfect skin care routine led her to Refine. She loves working at Refine because being at the forefront of skin care treatments provides her the opportunity to work with some of the most well-respected products in the industry. She gets great joy from working with clients to find a skin care routine they love that offers the results they’re looking for.

Kelly graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in Business Management with a focus on marketing. She is passionate about wellness and in her free time can usually be found doing something active with her two-year-old Weimaraner, Blue.

To contact Kelly directly, please send a note to KellyMiller@medcan.com.

Petra Phillips, Cosmetic Skin & Hair Consultant

Petra joined the Refine team three years ago when we opened our new space on the lobby level of 150 York. As the former owner and operator of one of Ontario’s premier spas, she brings over 20 years of experience in the skincare, spa and wellness industry. An inherent passion for all things skincare related, and the ability to help people feel better about themselves by reaching their skincare goals are just two of the drivers that continue to keep her devoted to this industry.

In her personal time, Petra takes great interest in animal and environmental awareness and enjoys taking her rescue dog, Blue, on local hiking adventures.

To contact Petra directly, please send a note to PetraPhillips@medcan.com.


Dylan Monteith, Team Lead Dermatology Nursing BScN, RN, MN

Dylan has a background in mental health, primary care, endoscopy, and consulting. Born and raised in Northwestern Ontario, Dylan spent his youth exploring the nature around Thunder Bay, his hometown. He recently completed his Master of Nursing degree through Athabasca University with a focus in teaching. Dylan is committed to providing the highest level of customer service while ensuring every client of Refine receives the medical or cosmetic care they need.

Dylan’s care philosophy is to treat each client how he would want to be treated, and to listen to any and every concern they may have during their time at Refine. When he is not at the clinic, Dylan enjoys finding new areas in Toronto to explore, as well as baking delicious treats for his friends and family.

Dylan’s skin care tip: Sunscreen is the most important thing you can do for your skin. When used consistently and correctly, sunscreen can prevent sunburns, skin cancer, and premature skin aging. A broad-spectrum, water resistant sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher should be used whenever possible.


Ashley Hare, Dermatology Nurse

Ashley comes from a background of neurology, mental health, dermatology, and pathology. She also completed her certificate program for community health studies and microbiology. She enjoys working with clients and guiding them through their medical journey, making sure they receive the best of care at Refine.

Her care philosophy is to always put her clients’ needs first, and to work within all aspects of the nursing scope. When Ashley is not at the clinic, she loves to volunteer at an animal rescue farm, spend time in the country, woodwork, and take care of her dog and bunnies.

Ashley's skin care tip: Avoid using harsh exfoliants like ground nut shells, pumice, and sand, which are damaging to the skin. Instead, try using a natural or chemical (with guidance) exfoliant depending on your skin type.


Ellen Leung, Dermatology Nurse

Her background consists of community nursing, Public Health, primary care, dermatology and plastic surgery. In addition, she obtained her certification for venipuncture/phlebotomy, and palliative care. She enjoys supporting and teaching patients and ensuring they are comfortable in the medical setting. Her goal is to maintain therapeutic relationships with clients and give them quality care at Refine.

Ellen’s care philosophy is to have compassion for clients, and actively listen to understand their needs with a holistic approach to nursing. When she’s not at the clinic, she enjoys learning new skills, outdoor activities such as biking, spending time with her loved ones, music/guitar, and catching up with movies. She hopes to take additional nursing courses and travel more in the near future.

Ellen's skin care tip :For sensitive skin it’s best to pick a body wash that is hydrating and fragrance free. Ceramides support the skin barrier and help with skin hydration.